We participated in 3 of the Clean Energy Institute’s events:

  • 04/25 Community Feedback Session for Products of Lasting Value: A STEM Pal helped current CEI Fellows by giving them feedback on their outreach projects.
  • 04/26 Science Fair & Booth at Edmonds Heights K-12 School: Helped facilitate a CEI booth and provided feedback to students on their science fair projects. Here’s a testimony from our STEM Pal volunteer:
    • We were able to meet with diverse audience of kids from elementary all the way to high school who had demonstrated significant scientific interests and utilized what they had learned in the classroom to answering interesting questions in their surroundings. Projects varied from studying family tree genetic trait transferring to medieval engineering of arrow catapults. With the Clean Energy Institute we demonstrated a great use case of solar powered cars, and circuit design. To my surprise, even kids in 1st and 2nd grade had great awareness of solar energy concepts such as what are solar panels and why cars with lesser mass tends to travel faster. To mind this is a win for science, because we have a great younger generation much more educated and looking forward to making the world better.” – Maleen Kidiwela
  • 05/02 Skills Workshop: 20-30 9th and 10th graders from a Kent school partner visited the UW Campus. Two STEM Pals introduced students to an activity related to their daily activities. They worked with students on how to read a research paper by guiding them through steps on understanding an abstract, reading graphs, interpreting data, and how to communicate.

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