We are a group of graduate students, undergraduates and faculty who aim to increase STEM participation in our high schoolers. This cause means a lot to us! As of 01/23/2023, we have 96 student/post-doc members in our Slack workspace, and 76 members in our mailing list. Below, we show only those organizers and members who have consented to being listed here.

Project Managers


… without bios:

  • George Fennell
  • Jack Pereira
  • Marc Exposit
  • Sarah Zeitler
  • Andrew Rossi
  • Dmitriy Kim
  • David Bell
  • Jessica Birky
  • Yafei Ren
  • Maleen Kidiwela
  • Martin Soto
  • Vinsensius

Faculty and Staff

Past Members


NSF grant DMR-1719797