We are a group of graduate students, undergraduates and faculty who aim to increase STEM participation in our high schoolers. This cause means a lot to us! As of 04/13/2023, we have 111 student/post-doc members in our Slack workspace, and 76 members in our mailing list. Below, we show only those organizers and members who have consented to being listed here.

STEM Pals was founded by Tharindu Fernando in 2020.



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  • George Fennell
  • Jack Pereira
  • Marc Exposit
  • Sarah Zeitler
  • Andrew Rossi
  • Dmitriy Kim
  • David Bell
  • Jessica Birky
  • Yafei Ren
  • Maleen Kidiwela
  • Martin Soto
  • Vinsensius

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Felicia Tsai’s Magnetic Monopole Fundraiser