We are a group of graduate students, undergraduates and faculty who aim to increase STEM participation in our high schoolers. This cause means a lot to us!


Tharindu W. Fernando
I study topological effects of quantum materials using theoretical and computational techniques. In my spare time, I cook and try being creative, either through digital media or the performing arts!
Sam Tetef
I am a physics PhD student interested in using machine learning to improve analysis of X-ray spectroscopy data. I like running, hiking, and sharing cool science facts.
John Franklin Crenshaw
I study cosmology and the expansion of the universe with the Vera C. Rubin Observatory and the Dark Energy Science Collaboration. My research focuses on machine learning and statistical techniques for physical modeling and data analysis. In my free time, I enjoy backpacking, skiing, rock climbing, and board games.
Alex Reynolds
Undergraduate majoring in Physics: Teaching Preparation and minoring in Education, Learning, and Societies.
James Choi
I am physics PhD student. I am currently studying the mechanism that is responsible for the partition of protein complexes in bacteria. I like taking photos, cooking, and teaching.
Felicia Tsai
I am a second-year molecular biology and physics undergraduate hoping to go into teaching or genetics research. In my spare time, I draw, play the piano, and go down Wikipedia science rabbit holes online. 
Adina Ripin
I am a graduate student in the physics department with an interest in quantum information, photonics, and outreach.
Robert Pecoraro
I’m a Physics PhD student studying how to make proteins which bind to specific DNA sequences at UW’s Institute for Protein Design. I like to play tennis and all varieties of word games.


Ting Cao
Assistant Professor, Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Nikolai Tolich
Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Physics


Past Members

Everyone is ‘current’ so far!