Agar Plates at Hazen High School [11/(18&22)/2022]

We had an amazing time growing microorganism cultures on agar plates at Hazen High School. In pairs, we chose hypotheses and tested them out. We let the plates culture over the weekend, and caught up over a Zoom call the next week. We uploaded our results, along with our hypotheses and observations, to an online platform. Then we voted on peers’ work for extra credit. The top-3 hypotheses from each period were:

Period 2:
– “We predicted that the men’s bathroom would have more microbes and bacteria than the women’s bathroom”
– “Our hypothesis was Shoe number #1 would grow more bacteria than shoe #2 because they were worn more.”
– “The Janitors cart is more dirty than the main hallway floor.”

Period 3:
– “I predict that the main staircase will have more microbes because it is used more often.”
– “We tested how effective water really is. We predicted that the unwashed hand would have more microbes than the washed hands.”
– “The eyewash station that is located in the front will grow less bacteria because it is used more often”


Potluck + Social [10/16/2022]

Following our virtual general information session earlier in the week (for the 20+ prospective members we gathered via mailing lists and tabling at the Red Square), we kicked the new academic year off with a fun afternoon outside the Physics and Astronomy Building! Many thanks to all who showed up (including new prospective members!), and to UW MEM-C for sponsoring chips and delicious cupcakes! WE HAD TWO FURRY FRIENDS JOIN US AND WE SAMPLED THEIR PAWS FOR MICROORGANISMS THAT WE CULTURED IN AGAR PLATES TO TEST MATERIAL FOR AN UPCOMING WORKSHOP. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Major STEM Pals Reveal at UW MEM-C Conference in Friday Harbor Labs [09/(06-08)/2022]

We are privileged to have had the opportunity to officially introduce ourselves to the broader UW MEM-C community at their annual All Hands Conference in Friday Harbor Labs. This exposure to the membership of our primary funding source and endorser is bound to increase engagement (as we have already seen with new interest in our activities).

Some activities of note:

  • Poster presentation on STEM Pals and our activities (we gave some swag out!)
  • Meeting including MEM-C Director, other staff/faculty, and faculty at the University of Hawaii (who we are collaborating with on an upcoming project with native Hawaiian schools). SUPER COOL.
  • A STEM Pals-specific segment during a broader presentation on ongoing outreach endeavors

Many thanks to all those who were involved, including several from our team!

Science Day at Seattle World School: Soldering Flashlights [05/16/2022]

We had a blast facilitating our flashlight soldering event during the entire school day at Seattle World School. Everyone had fun and went home with their own flashlight!
Many thanks to all STEM Pals volunteers, Mr. Yi and UW MEM-C for making this happen.

YES! This is our first ever STEM Pals-created in-person event! Here’s to the several more to come! ♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪