Science Day at Seattle World School: Soldering Flashlights [05/16/2022]

We had a blast facilitating our flashlight soldering event during the entire school day at Seattle World School. Everyone had fun and went home with their own flashlight!
Many thanks to all STEM Pals volunteers, Mr. Yi and UW MEM-C for making this happen.

YES! This is our first ever STEM Pals-created in-person event! Here’s to the several more to come! ♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪

Science Project Presentations I [05/12/2021]

We were honored to see our comrades in Eisenhower High School present their science projects to us, and answer our questions as we judged their work based off a rubric used for science fair projects. Good job!

Below is a picture symbolizing their projects. Spoiler: Highlight the invisible/white text directly below this line using your mouse.

The image is of Sailor Mars with a mask. One project was about growing Vitamin K-yielding crops on Mars, and the other was about the impact of face masks on the ocean.

Pandemic Simulation [05/05/2021]

This Cinco de Mayo, we worked on a basic introduction to simulations, variables and functions before trying to model the COVID-19 pandemic. We used a simple Python simulation (GIF below!) to try simulations out first-hand!

Recording of simulation. Simulation credits: John Franklin Crenshaw.
Some results from the session!