Mythbusters with STEM Pals [05/26/2021]

We ended our first quarter in action with a blast… and by bringing a reality check to blasts in movies (among other special effects and illusions). Great work everybody!


Science Project Presentations I [05/12/2021]

We were honored to see our comrades in Eisenhower High School present their science projects to us, and answer our questions as we judged their work based off a rubric used for science fair projects. Good job!

Below is a picture symbolizing their projects. Spoiler: Highlight the invisible/white text directly below this line using your mouse.

The image is of Sailor Mars with a mask. One project was about growing Vitamin K-yielding crops on Mars, and the other was about the impact of face masks on the ocean.

Pandemic Simulation [05/05/2021]

This Cinco de Mayo, we worked on a basic introduction to simulations, variables and functions before trying to model the COVID-19 pandemic. We used a simple Python simulation (GIF below!) to try simulations out first-hand!

Recording of simulation. Simulation credits: John Franklin Crenshaw.
Some results from the session!