Let’s make an impact on our high school students together.

We are excited that you are interested in getting involved! As described below, you will have some way to participate regardless of your affiliation! If you wish to support this endeavor by helping fund any of its activities (such as the website, traveling, supplies, etc), please contact us about donating. Additionally, please keep in mind that some schools may require you to have a background check prior to interacting with their students.

University of Washington

There are several ways for you to participate if you are a graduate student, undergraduate or faculty at the University of Washington, Seattle. We understand you might already be busy, so we expect you to commit only whatever you can and are willing to! Some ways to participate include:
– Spending time with high school students via demos, presentations or STEMentorship.
– Running administrative affairs including event organizing, content preparation, communications, website maintenance, advertising, etc.
– Putting together a database of STEM internship opportunities and forming local internship partner relationships.
– Brainstorming effective ways to make an impact.
– Molding existing methods based off feedback.
There may be other ways to help too, but just contact us to get started!

High School

If you are a high school student/teacher and feel that this program and your classroom might benefit from our involvement, please contact us to discuss potential action plans involving our program.
If you are a STEM teacher, please consider filling this Google form to help us understand the current STEM situation in your classroom.

Community Member

If you are a member of the Washingtonian community and want to support this endeavor, please reach out to us about possibly attending our meetings, donating, or volunteering at events.