Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (a.k.a. STEM) is crucial to the functioning of today’s society. However, as we might all be aware by now, community access to STEM opportunities from pioneers – especially those from research institutions like the University of Washington, Seattle (UW) – has not been consistent over the years. We aim to work on this issue by developing a rigorous program that will facilitate participation from both sides. We are currently at the brainstorming and initial implementation stage, and plan to test/mold this free program through a few high school classrooms before potentially requesting more funding from university departments and federal agencies to maximize impact.

We plan to organize and host a variety of in-person/Zoom sessions for:

  1. STEM demos and lab tours with discussions on relevant concepts and small-group activities.
  2. Presentations on social aspects of STEM: personal life, diversity, career, internships, research and college admissions, life, and other crucial topics followed by informal discussion sessions.
  3. Mentorship between college-attending STEMentors and small groups of STEMentees (students).

We recently learned that there might be high need for STEM internship opportunities, and so are looking into facilitating access to those as well. Additionally, we intend to reach schools in Eastern Washington at least virtually (for now).

All this will be done with the intent of empowering, encouraging, and inspiring students – particularly those from underserved public high schools – to pursue STEM-related activities/education post-graduation. We hope that this will complement STEM teachers’ efforts to further student participation and enhance their education.

To this end, we need participants from all sides, whether they are UW students/faculty, or high school STEM teachers. If this cause of expanding STEM access to our high school students matters to you, and you are willing to participate in this initiative in any degree, please have a look at the Get Involved page! If you are uncertain, but are interested in knowing more about us, please contact us anyway and we will answer your questions to the best of our ability, even if it is over a call!

STEM Pals is an independent initiative that is not endorsed by, nor officially affiliated with any existing organization (including the University of Washington, Seattle) that is not indicated explicitly in the About Us page.